Reasons why you should always buy soccer boots from a reputable seller

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Branded Sports shoes such as New Balance or Adidas and Nike can be prohibitively expensive, and it may be tempting to patronize suspicious boot sellers in order to find the lowest price. But be warned that the lure of a cheap boot can come with unfortunate consequences that may lose you money, cause you to miss the event, or even put you in danger.

The rule in online business that usually involves money transactional is that always be on the watch out. Before making paying for any online transaction it is wise that you first carry out some research and determine whether the seller you are doing business with is genuine and worth doing business with. Here are five reasons why you should always buy your sports shoes from a reputable boot seller:

Buying from questionable online stores you could place your identity and personal safety at risk.

Legitimate online stores take proper security measures to protect your personal information. But a discount online store might skimp on those security measures, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft. Purchasing soccer boots from a questionable individual in person may even put you in danger of physical harm. The offer of a cheap boot may be a ploy to get you to pull out your wallet so that a thief can snatch it, or it may be a means of luring you to an unsafe location where you could be attacked. A reputable seller like R-Gol offers more options.
Even if a discount boot seller has legitimate soccer boots, it is likely they will have fewer soccer boots than reputable sellers. If you are picky about where you sit, you will definitely want the range of choice provided by a reputable seller.


Even if the sports shoes you purchase are legitimate, the illegitimate or not well-established sellers may not help you out if a problem arises.

Sometimes your plans change and you need a different boot, or unforeseen circumstances cause a transaction to be canceled. But unless you purchase your soccer boots from a reputable seller, you may not have a way to exchange your soccer boots or receive a refund.

Buying from questionable stores you may not actually be getting a better price.

Many people put off purchasing their soccer boots until the day of the event, hoping to get a discount price from a scalper outside the venue. This may seem a reasonable hope since the boot will be worthless to the scalper if he doesn’t sell it. But remember that the scalper knows you are just as desperate as he is if you can’t get a boot, then you can’t attend the event. The scalper will take advantage of this and charge you as high of a price as he thinks you will pay.

You may get scammed.

Because the Internet is largely unregulated, it is a simple process to set up an official-looking online store that will take your money but never supply the soccer boots. And even if you purchase physical soccer boots, today’s sophisticated photographic and printing technologies make it easy to create authentic looking soccer boots for the season’s hottest events.